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    Ventrilo Server (v4.0) Details

    • Maximum number of users that can be connected to your server at once

    • Connect from anywhere to our premium server network, select a region near you

    • Connect with a personalized hostname instead of a confusing IP address

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      • Global DDoS Protection and Reliability
        Our Premium DDoS Resistant Server Network provides gamers with the best uptime of any other provider in the industry
      • 1000 Megabytes file storage
        All VentriloPro servers come with 1000 Megabytes storage included.
      • Unique address for each VentriloPro server
        Connect with a unique address that does not require entering a port number.
      • Server Restore
        Make a mistake? Problem with an admin? Restore your entire Ventrilo Server from hourly backups.
      • Share website control panel access
        Your co-admins may create a website account and be given access so they can help administrate your server.

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