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Server Details

  • Maximum number of users that can be connected to your server at once

  • Connect from anywhere to our premium server network, select a region near you

  • Connect with a personalized hostname instead of a confusing IP address

    •  . 
  • Share up to 5GB of files on your TeamSpeak Server. (500MB included free)

  • Stream music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Shoutcast and more into to your TeamSpeak server!

  • Store up to 5GB of music for your music bot with additional ability to stream.

    • Restore Group Permissions
      Make a mistake? No problem! Restore default group permissions with one click.
    • Auto-AFK
      Automatically move inactive users to a designated channel or kick them from the server.
    • Increased Customization
      We allow server owners to modify settings that other hosts generally dont allow such as the Host Button and Host Message.
    • Share website control panel access
      Your co-admins may create a website account and be given access so they can help administrate your server.
    • 500 Megabytes of file storage included
      Share up to 500MB of files on your TeamSpeak Server. Upgrade option to 5GB available.
    • JTS3ServerMod Bot
      Get 14 additional features included with your TeamSpeak Server purchase free. See homepage for more details.
    • TS3MusicBot
      Stream YouTube,MP3, and soundcloud to your TeamSpeak server!

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