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Mumble Server Details


    The address your users will enter to connect to your server

  • Maximum number of users that can be connected to your server at once

  • Connect from anywhere to our premium server network, select a region near you

    • Auto-AFK
      Automatically move inactive users to a designated channel.
    • Server Restore
      Make a mistake? Problem with an admin? Restore your entire Mumble Server from hourly backups.
    • Server Status Script on your website
      Display your mumble servers connected users on your website.
    • Share website control panel access
      Your co-admins may create a website account and be given access so they can help administrate your server.

Billing Cycle

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  • 3 Month 10% Off 35% Off
  • 1 Month No discount

Order three months or more and get an additional 25% off your first payment!

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Money Back Guarantee

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